We looked for senior-friendly towns in Virginia and we were presently surprised by what we were able to find. There are plenty of amazing cities where seniors can enjoy and relax. We even found some great suburbs if you like that more. Of course, we had to single out a few and that’s why you will get to see first our top 7 picks, but don’t worry we will give you a hint where you can continue to research further. This is a good state for seniors and it’s more affordable than Florida and not everybody enjoys temperatures that high.

Virginia for seniors

Virginia is tax-friendly for retirees which makes it one of the best places to enjoy your best years. Many will tell you that Fairfax County is the best for seniors. This state has the quality and affordable healthcare which is also a very important factor for seniors. Now let’s see the cities we singled out for you. It’s crucial that you find a cozy town no matter if it’s in South Carolina or in Virginia – the only important thing is that it’s nice for you.

Our list of top 7 senior-friendly towns in Virginia

  • Martinsville
  • Danville
  • Petersburg
  • Bristol
  • Hopewell
  • Roanoke
  • Radford

There were many factors we considered when choosing places for seniors in Virginia. We considered prices, healthcare, safety, the weather, overall quality of life, and of course retirement homes and villages. Some seniors prefer to live in communities specifically designed for them which is pretty reasonable.

Scenery in Churchville, one of the senior-friendly towns in Virginia

This state has amazing scenery.

Martinsville as our top pick

This place just might be the best place to retire in Virginia and that’s why it’s the first one on our senior-friendly towns in Virginia list. Martinsville is a pretty small town but it’s very well known all around the world. Mainly for Martinsville Speedway and NASCAR racing, but this town has much more to offer. Most seniors enjoy that here you will have nice weather the whole year. Martinsville is surrounded by pretty lakes and scenic mountains that you can enjoy if you like. Make sure to research this place first and if you like what you see you can call reliable movers like Allstate Moving and Storage that can help you with all your moving needs (starting from the packing).


Danville is a nice place for both seniors and young families. This independent city has a small city setting or a vibe if you want to call it that with a lot of southern comfort living. Also, it has some great wildlife reservations. This place was not our first pick but it was a close second! Make sure to research it as well and who knows you just might like it. It’s a beautiful place after all.

Top 7 retirement homes/villages in Virginia

For the ones that would prefer to live in a community specifically designed for seniors, we made a list so you don’t have to look too hard to find some great ones in Virginia. We will show you our top 7 retirement homes and their age restrictions because some of them have that :

  1. Kingsmill – Williamsburg (no age restriction)
  2. Colonial Heritage – Williamsburg (55+ age restriction)
  3. Birchwood at Brambleton – Ashburn (55+ age restriction)
  4. Lansdowne Woods of Virginia – Lansdowne (55+ age restriction)
  5. Heritage Hunt – Gainesville (55+ age restriction)
  6. Trilogy at Lake Frederick – Lake Frederick (55+ age restriction)
  7. Twin Rivers at Meadowville Landing – Chester (no age restriction)
seniors enjoying the afternoon and a good book

Sometimes retirement homes can be the best solution.


Williamsburg was not on our “senior-friendly towns in Virginia” for a few reasons like prices, safety, and because it’s a bit overcrowded. But this city has some of the best retirement homes in the whole of Virginia. So, if you don’t care about higher prices and wish to live in one of the nicest senior homes then you should definitely research Williamsburg. If you wish to live here professionals are there for you. They can help you even if you are in for a long-distance relocation. Just give them a call.

Senior relocation

This is a special service most good movers has and hiring movers is a way to make relocation less stressful. This service is specifically designed to help older citizens to relocate hassle-free. Even if they are not very mobile. Make sure to explore this option, it can be a great solution for you after you pick one of those senior-friendly towns in Virginia. Senior citizens should be able to have it easier, you worked your whole life now it’s time to relax a little bit. Let others deal with planning, logistics, and heavy lifting. Movers have the experience and training to do everything very quickly.

Senior tourist attractions in Virginia

Virginia is also a great tourist attraction and if you choose one of those cities to live in, you should explore the rest of the country when you have the time and when you feel like it. Traveling will lighten your mood and spirits. That’s why we found some great tourist attractions seniors like to visit in Virginia. Sandy beaches and the Blue Ridge Mountains are of course the first thing you will want to see in this state. When it comes to beaches some will say that Virginia Beach is the best one so maybe you can start with this one. If you want to learn more about George Washington and history we suggest traveling to Alexandria and visiting downtown.

A lake in Virginia

Use the advantages of nature in Virginia for your health.

Choose carefully

No matter what interests you have Virginia will have something to offer and that’s why you should start by picking a place. We showed you some great solutions for seniors and now it’s up to you to continue your research. Surely you will pick the best one for you. Good luck!


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