Living in a big and popular city such as New York City is giving more opportunities. But, moving to a new place and starting a business there is a big step and a challenge. If you want to run a business in New York, first you need to explore the market and to choose the right location for the office. It is a big city with 5 boroughs and each one of them has plenty of different areas to offer. Since the location is a key to a successful business – pick wisely. Research neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in NYC and know how to run a business or how to move a business there.

The neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in NYC.
New York City is great for starting a new business!

Pros of locating your business in New York City, NY

Before relocating to New York know why should you choose one of the neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in NYC, know all the pros and you will make a smarter and better decision. Some of the advantages of having a business right here in New York City are:

  • Business opportunities and good reputation. New York is an established business hub and a lot of companies are located here, in different industries. Finance, tech, art, culture, fashion, marketing, advertising, etc. After all, Wall Street is here which has a big role in the country’s economy.
  • Access to talents because many young professionals live in NYC. Keep in mind that many students are moving to New York looking for a job and opportunity to learn something more.
  • Citizens have strong spending power and the buying decisions of their citizens can be used to predict global trends.

The list of top neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in NYC

Before making the final decision, explore all the options. Explore neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in NYC and choose the best option for you. Being a business owner is not a simple job. It is a big responsibility. A good location is one of the most important things when having a startup. You, as an entrepreneur already know that. It takes time to get to know New York City, but you can take some shortcuts.

A man making plans in the office.
If you are looking for office space in New York City, explore the neighborhoods first!

The Flatiron District

This neighborhood in Manhattan was the epicenter of tech and the birthplace of Silicon Alley. For startups, this is a great choice so you should definitely consider it for your business. The demand for office spaces is huge, and if you need to lease loft-style office space, The Flatiron District may be the perfect option. This neighborhood has a lot of coworking spaces as well.


This is a neighborhood located in Brooklyn where many young professionals live. It is close to Manhattan and the view you will get here is priceless. It is becoming more and more popular, not only for new startups but also, many people are moving there.


Chelsea was a manufacturing hub, but now it is a hub for tech companies and many different startups. If you are a creative individual, this may be an area for you. This neighborhood is home to around 200 galleries. Also, it has museums, restaurants, and coffee shops. Chelsea never sleeps. If you value walkability and want easy access to public transportation, visit Chelsea, Manhattan. When looking for an office, go to The Starrett-Lehigh Building because you may find a solution there.


Soho is a place for small businesses. Offices are casual, and loft-style and they have personality. Old manufacturing buildings are now office spaces that are modern. The nightlife in Soho is rich and many tourists come here. This is very important because a lot of people will see your business. It is well connected to other parts of New York City. If looking for a trendy area, this may be it.

Greenwich Village

Diversity in Greenwich Village is something worth mentioning. There are different real estate options including office spaces. The iconic Washington Square Park is located in Greenwich Village. People here are friendly and nice.

Renting storage space in NYC for your business

Many businesses in New York have storage units to store goods, equipment, documents, etc. Also, they are renting a storage unit while moving. No matter what the reason is – if you need a storage unit, then rent the right one.

To find storage services that will fulfill all the business needs and if you will store your household items, and your personal needs as well. A reliable company that may help you can be found on the website. Choose the right size storage unit and all your items will be in a safe place.

A business plan in one of the neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in NYC.
Include all details in your business plan.

Hiring a company for moving to New York City

The best way is to live in the city where your business is. So, if you are not from New York City, you should move there. For moving into a new apartment in NYC you should hire a professional moving company to help you out, in order to have an easy and smooth relocation, at the same time.

NYC is a vibrant city, streets are always busy, and there are a lot of people because it is hard to drive a moving vehicle. Professionals know how to do that and they have a lot of experience. Therefore, explore moving companies from New York City because they know this area already. After choosing a location for your office and finding a place to live, it is time to organize a relocation. Also, if you need to move a business as well, it is easier with movers. It is not only important to search for neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in NYC – you need to know how to move and how to handle a relocation like a pro.


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