Moving with kids is not easy – you need to take care of them and to organize a relocation. Also, moving is not over until you are unpacked. You have handled packing and moving day, but not it is time to unpack all the moving boxes and to furnish a new home. Unpacking with a toddler may be dangerous, especially when unpacking a kitchen. A toddler wants to touch everything and to run around. So, how to finish everything on time, and what is more important – how to do it safely?

Tips for unpacking with a toddler

Toddlers are experiencing the world around them, so it is normal to be curious at their age. They usually want to touch everything. This may be a big problem when packing and unpacking, and unfortunately not the only one.

A baby playing on the floor.

It is hard to be focused on your child and on moving at the same time. Organize your time and adjust it to your kid

The second problem is – attention. Toddlers want attention and changing a routine can make them nervous. Problems with sleeping and eating are usual for toddlers when moving because they need time to adjust. Moving with children requires preparation and good organization.

Unpack the baby items first

Right after moving, focus on unpacking the baby’s items first. A bed, clean sheets, toiletries, clothing, diapers, etc. And ask for help when moving, friends, or hire professional packers. It is hard to watch a toddler and to deal with moving at the same time. It is a good idea to pack all those items in one essential box. This box should contain all the necessary items for your kid and you won’t lose time by searching for items.

Unpack when a toddler is sleeping

You will do the most during naptimes and after bedtime – so, unpack and furnish your apartment while the toddler is sleeping. This way you won’t worry whether your toddler touches a knife or if something will fall. The safest option is to do these tasks when your child is resting.

Unpacking with a toddler while kid is sleeping.

You can clean and unpack stress-free when your child is sleeping

Don’t change baby’s routine

Try your best not to change kids’ routines, especially not eating and sleeping. It should be always at the same time. Otherwise, kids will cry and be nervous.

Pack snacks and food

Kids are angry when they are hungry, so prepare food before moving for a toddler. If you are having multifamily moving, prepare food for the entire family. Pack non-perishable food, water, pasta, everything that can be prepared quickly.

Prepare some new toys

Before moving, buy some new toys for your child, to keep him/her interested and calm. When unpacking with a toddler, just take new toys and your kid will be happy. You can clean and unpack while your son or daughter is playing. If you are moving long-distance, you can also have a new toy in a car.


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