They call it the hottest place on earth! When you say Kuwait – you think of oil, don’t you? That’s fine,  as they are the world’s sixth-largest oil reserves but they have a lot to offer to international companies too. They are on a good path to become a commercial and financial leader in the region. Did you know that Kuwait’s dinar is the highest valued currency in the world? Also, there is a strong demand in Kuwait for U.S. technology, products, and services. Well, does it surprise then that a lot of USA-based businesses are expanding to Kuwait?

Famous USA-based businesses in Kuwait

The USA-based businesses are expanding to Kuwait for a reason. If you are looking to move your manufacturing company to Kuwait, you found the perfect place. You will be in some great company too. Have you heard who else is there? General Electronics, Cisco,  Emerson, and Daikin are just some of the many popular brands over there. The key to having a good start in your manufacturing business in Kuwait or any other place is finding a good warehouse.

Did you know that they have great laws and benefits for small businesses like car washes, real estate businesses, and dental clinics? As they are planning big for the future, they are more than open to foreign investors.

Manufacturing company

Some worldwide famous USA-based manufacturing businesses are in Kuwait.

Is it easy to expand your business to Kuwait?

No. Whether you are moving your manufacturing business to Kuwait or expanding your USA-based business this is not an easy process and you cannot do it on your own. You will be needing a good lawyer. Months of preparation too. This goes for any country. Not just Kuwait, as you are a foreigner to them and the laws are different for you. Relocating to Kuwait does take time, preparation, and research unless you have trustworthy allies like Easy Move KW professionals. Also, currently, things like visas take longer to get because of the pandemic.  But these are small obstacles and may prove to be a great investment in your business.

How does shipping from Kuwait to the USA work and can this be an easy move?

Luckily, there are expert teams that make moving your stuff from Kuwait to the USA easier and safe. Most importantly, they do it fast. No matter what you need to ship, your items will be safely delivered by professionals who offer a great variety of services. The shipping is conducted in shipping containers. It is essential to make sure the company in charge takes really good care especially if your items are fragile.

Shipping containers when one of the USA-based businesses are expanding to Kuwait.

Knowing that your items are safe will make the whole process easier.

Is Covid19 making things harder for business in Kuwait?

As we said before, because of the global pandemic some things move slowly. Also, know that the Kuwaiti government announced several incentives and economic reliefs for the ones investing and opening business this year. This is also a great question for your lawyer as rules and laws change quickly now due to the pandemic. But keep in mind that with everything going on, the prices of property, renting warehouses and such are going down too, so this year you can rent it or buy it cheaper than in the last few years.


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