Relocating a company is never an easy process, especially in New York City. Definitely, you must think of every detail in order to organize the process in the right way. Importantly, you should do everything to make corporate relocation in NYC easier for your employees. Here, in our article, you will find some ways how you can do this.

Inform your employees about corporate relocation in NYC on time

Before you start with the whole organization process, you have to inform your employees first. The best is to organize a meeting and inform the people who work in your company about the upcoming event. Also, you should explain all the reasons for this corporate relocation to New York City. Moreover, you need to point out all the benefits both the company and the people who work there will have because of this move.

A staff meeting to inform the employees about corporate relocation in NYC.

Organize an office meeting and tell your employees everything that they should know.

Provide packing materials for everyone

The next thing that you should do when your corporate move is in question is to provide enough packing materials for all the objects in your current office and for all the things of your employees as well. You can buy the new moving boxes, but you can also see if you can somehow reuse some cardboard boxes that you already have in your office and in your house too. If you choose to reuse cardboard boxes, you will be doing something great to protect your surroundings. Consequently, your office relocation will be more eco friendly. It is important to mention that you can also use bubble pack that you already have, scissors, and tape. If you have a chance to avoid spending money on unnecessary things, you should definitely take it. In case you do not have any cardboard boxes, you can go to big supermarkets and ask the people who work there if they have some that they need to throw away. Surely, they will not mind to help you and give you the boxes for your corporate relocation in the city.

A cardboard box.

Make sure to provide enough packing materials for all your employees.

Show your employees how to pack practically for upcoming corporate relocation in NYC

Also, you should help your employees on how to pack practically. They should put all the different items that they possess in separate boxes. On each box, they should also write their name and what is in it. If they do this, then the whole unpacking process will be much easier and faster once all of you arrive at your new office in New York City. In addition, if some of your employees have fragile items, then they need to pack them very carefully. That is, they have to wrap them in bubble pack, papers, or some towels and gently put them in the box. Before they put them down, they should put appear or towels at the bottom. And, after they put them there, they should fill the box with paper in all the places that it is empty and on the top. This will prevent all those items from damage during their transportation to your new NYC office space.

Hire a professional company for your corporate relocation in NYC

Then, you should seriously consider hiring a professional relocation company for your office move to New York City. First, you need to ask the people you have trust in, like your closest friends and family for recommendations and advice. Secondly, you should do thorough research on all companies that you are interested in hiring for moving your office. Keep in mind, you should reach out to experts who can help. This means that they have to be experienced, reliable, and have all the services that you need for your corporate move. But, you have to pay attention to certain things, that have great importance. Some of them are licenses of relocation companies and insurance. Remember, during transport, some objects can damage or break, and it is desirable to have insurance. Moreover, make sure to hire a company that has mostly positive reviews, for a large number of negative experiences of previous clients is definitely a red flag. For example, you can check Tik Tok Moving and Storage and see if they are the right company for you.

Clean a new office space in New York City thoroughly before your employees arrive

Also, you have to make sure the new premises are ready before your employees arrive. Since the coronavirus pandemic is still present, you need to clean the new office space thoroughly. So, provide all the cleaning equipment that you need for this. In addition, you can always hire a company to clean the new office space in New York City for you. Importantly, when you and your employees are relocating, each one of you must travel in his or her own vehicle while the movers are taking care of your belongings. This will make your relocation a lot safer, especially if you are taking with you antibacterial gels and face masks. Remember, you will definitely need masks if you have to stop somewhere on your way to your new apartment in NYC.

An office space.

Your new office space must be completely clean before your employees arrive.

Offer help to people who need to move their home because of work in the new office in New York City

Finally, you need to help your employees find a new place to live. If you hear that some apartment is renting or on sale, make sure to inform the ones who want to move because of a new office location. Moreover, you can recommend real estate agents who are reliable and professional and who can help them find a new home in New York City that is close to their place of work.


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