When it comes to relocating belongings safely, moving blankets are a lifesaver. They offer the ultimate protection for your furniture. Here’s a guide about moving blankets and why do you need them.

What are moving blankets and why do you need them?

Well, a moving blanket is a heavy-duty blanket. It’s made from polyester mesh and cotton material. Plus, batting that is wrapped in the strong fabric. It gives great protection and prevents damages, scratches, and scuffs on your belongings. Moving blanket is perfect for items with sensitive surfaces. Such as wood that requires extra padding. So, using them means you have the possibility of stress-free moving.

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What are moving blankets and why do you need them? Well, they protect your furniture.

Moving blankets can come in different weights. There are lightweight, traditional, or heavy-duty ones. But, you should know that the thicker they are, the better the quality.

Why do you need a moving blanket?

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use moving blankets:

  • They protect the floors and prevents scratching. The moving blanket provides automatic protection for floors. As you know, large furniture is difficult to carry and accidents can occur. So, in case you drop or slide a furniture item across the floor without wrapping it in a moving blanket, you can scratch your new floor. Luckily, a moving blanket provides a layer of protection between the item and the floor. 
  • The blankets will keep the furniture clean. When moving, your belongings face the dirt, dust, and other grime from the moving truck and the outdoors. Plus, if it’s raining or snowing, items can end up dirty. But, wrapping furniture in a moving blanket will keep them clean. Plus, it prevents water damage. 
  • They protect the walls. While carrying furniture you can easily sideswipe your walls, right? This result in banged up walls and chipped paint. But, if you use a moving blanket, you won’t cause damage when you hit walls.
  • Your furniture will be safe during transport. Wondering how to load a moving truck and avoid damage to your belongings? Well, use the moving blanket. They prevent shifts and bumping around when the truck is in motion. So, they act as a buffer between items and boxes. They prevent the furniture legs from breaking. Furniture legs are fragile. But, if you wrap and cover the furniture in a moving blanket, you’ll less likely break legs. 
  • They make it easier to move heavy items into and out of a home. Place a blanket underneath the furniture item. Then, you’ll be able to maneuver the item across the floor without breaking a sweat.
Why - What are moving blankets and why do you need them?

Understand why you need moving blankets.

The moving blanket is worth the investment

When it comes to moving, having the moving and packing: checklist of essential supplies makes all the difference. You may want to save money by not buying them. But, that can end up by spending more if your belongings get damaged. Because damages usually cost way more than the right moving supplies. So, moving blankets are worth the investment.

Purchase them once and keep using them for future moves or rent them from movers and have a stress-free move.


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