Are you planning to move to Hollister with your young family? Or, is your move already planned and now you are wondering if Hollister in California is a great place for young families? Either way, we got you! That is, Hollister got you!

This small Californian city located in San Benito County is a dream come true for many families. How do we know that? Well, we checked the statistics – in the last 5 years, the population of Hollister has risen by 11%. Yes, that is the percentage of the people who moved to Hollister with their families. They moved here because of safe neighborhoods, top-notch schools, plenty of job opportunities, and because of all those things you can do in Hollister on your and your children’s day off. Many other things make Hollister in California a great place for young families, and today, we will share some of those things with you. So, keep on reading.

Safe and Family-friendly Neighborhoods

As mentioned above, Hollister is a relatively safe place to live. The statistics tell us that it is one of the thirty safest places to raise a family in the USA and that its crime rate is lower than 5%. But, those are not the only good news we will tell you, no. Namely, some Hollister neighborhoods have crime rates that are close to 0%. And, those are:

  • Hollister South
  • Ridgemark
  • Hollister East
  • Cottage Corners
  • Hollister West

These are the neighborhoods you should consider when choosing your perfect new home in Hollister. All these neighborhoods will offer you peace and quiet, proximity to schools and supermarkets, and a lot of family houses with big yards.

However, let us warn you about these family houses with big yards – they are expensive! Since these are very popular neighborhoods, and since this is a buyer’s market, expect to pay around $832,409 for a 2-bedroom and a two-bathroom house here. But, don’t let that scare you – yes, the cost of living here is high in Hollister, but so are the salaries!

A family house in a great place for young families.

Safe and family-friendly neighborhoods are what make Hollister in California a great place for young families.

Great Job Opportunities for Parents

It is true that living in Hollister, and in the entire state of California, comes with a hefty price tag. Thus, before you call your Mod Movers to help you relocate to Hollister, be sure to land a good job. That is, be sure to land a high-paying job. If you have skills and experience in anything medical-related, you will be able to do that as soon as you arrive. Namely, there is a great need for medical workers (in almost all fields), so it would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

But, fear not, the health industry is not the only one going strong here. IT, engineering, transportation, manufacturing, and tourism are all industries in which you can expect a good and high-paying job. And, even if you don’t find a job in your field in Hollister, you can easily commute to nearby cities. Since both the roads and the public transportation are well-developed, you will have no problems traveling to work.

Enjoyable Climate All-year Round

We cannot talk about things that make Hollister in California a great place for young families without mentioning its climate. If you ask us – this city, as well as many cities around it, have the best climate. Let us clarify. Namely, this region is known for having a Mediterranean climate. This means hot summers and mild winters. And, this also means that you and your little ones will be able to swim in the pool, play in the yards, walk your pets, and do all outdoor activities whenever you want.

Thus, when packing for your move to Hollister, don’t bother bringing winter stuff! You will never need that here. Focus on summer clothes and shoes, and bring only light outdoor wear just in case.

A boy and a girl playing foosball outside.

With warm weather all year round, your little ones will have a blast in Hollister.

Plenty of Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Yes, warm weather all year round brings us to another great thing that makes Hollister in California a great place for young families – outdoor activities. Hollister is full of them. So, let us mention some of the most popular ones:

  • Visit Pacheco State Park where you can hike, bike, or ride a horse
  • Go to Swank Farms where you can play with the animals, pick organic fruits and vegetables, get lost in the maze, and mine for gemstones and fossils
  • Pitch your tent at Panoche Hills Ecological Reserve and spend a weekend surrounded by pristine nature and wildlife
  • Ride ATV at the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area
  • Go fishing and boating at McAlpine Lake and Park

Of course, you can also spend your day in one of many malls, cinemas, parks, indoor play areas, etc. These are a great choice if you just moved to Hollister, for example. All malls and indoor play areas have professional child care. There, you can leave your little one for a couple of hours (or for an entire day) while you rely on experts in the area to help you unpack, assemble your furniture, and simply get your house ready for moving in.

Two girls swimming in the pool.

You and your young family will always have something to do in Hollister.

Amazing Schools

One of the things all parents want for their children is good education. Luckily, that is another thing that makes Hollister in California a great place for young families. In this city, you can find top-notch schools for children of all ages. Both public and private schools have highly skilled teachers and well-developed curriculums. And, that is not it – once your child is done with high school, he or she can go to some of the top-rated colleges and universities nearby (Gavilan College, for instance). Moreover, packing for college will be easy – as your children will not be too far, and they will not have to take a lot of things with them.

We mentioned just some of the things that make Hollister in California a great place for young families, but, trust us, the list can go on and on. However, we will leave further exploring to you and your family. Just be sure about one thing – if you decide to move to Hollister with your family, you will not regret it.



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