A storage unit is one of the best solutions to declutter your home or to store your items somewhere during the moving process. You probably know what to store and what is unnecessary in your home, but a more important question is what not to store into a storage unit and why some items are not allowed inside?

A sticky note

Don’t break the law or put other items and people in danger

Which items not to store into a storage unit?

To prepare your things for a storage unit properly, you must know the rules and regulations of storage facilities. They will protect you and your items from damage. So, separate your items you want to store. Don’t lose time and packing supplies on prohibited items.

A container

Items that are prohibited for storage units are also prohibited for shipping containers


Food is perishable (food that is not in a can). Not only it will dangerous to eat after, but also, it will smell bad and attract insects and mouses (and rats). Many people when moving are making this mistake. Renting storage when moving has many benefits, but only if you store allowed items. 

Animals and plants

This is logical, who will put a live animal in storage? It is crazy. Your pet may die, the same as your plant(s). If you are moving, hire a special moving company that is specialized in moving pets and plants. Don’t even do this!

Stolen items

It is illegal to store stolen items (any stolen items). Only items that you legally own are welcome in the storage facilities. If something isn’t yours, you must have permission from the owner.

Flammable materials and explosives

Hazardous materials are not allowed by any storage company. They must be in a special room with special conditions and permissions. Guns, ammunition, bombs, gas tanks, oil, aerosol cans, acids, cleaners are strictly prohibited. 

Toxic materials

Dangerous materials (chemicals) and toxic materials will put in danger your items, human lives, and items from other renters. This is also a rule for alcohol and drugs too. A company won’t allow these items in an ordinary storage facility.

Medical and construction equipment

If you are selling medical or construction equipment, a storage unit is not a place for all equipment. radioactive equipment, hazardous chemicals, groundwater or geophysical instruments are not allowed.

Wet items

Any wet item is forbidden because it may grow mold, which will damage the rest of your items. scented or damp clothing, furniture, mattresses, linens, etc. Mold is not the only risk. There are also mildew, bacteria, insects, pests, rodents, etc. In one word – TROUBLE. 

Valuable items

Valuables such as money, jewelry, and important documents can’t be in self-storage. Their place is in your house or in the bank safe. Also, items with emotional value, shouldn’t be in storage. It is not prohibited, but it is not safe.

Tires and Vehicles

Only registered and insured vehicles are allowed in the storage unit. When it comes to tires, most storage companies won’t allow more than 4 tires. Do not to store into a storage unit vehicles that are operational and usable (not working). 


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