Are you considering relocating to Harlem? The home of the Harlem Renaissance is still a cultural center, and the Upper Manhattan area has much lower rental pricing than other NYC neighborhoods, making it a desirable place to stay. But before moving to Harlem be sure to relocate with minimal stress as possible. You can do it with a few tips and tricks.

Moving to a house in Harlem is affordable

It’s really no secret that New York City is a pricey city to live in. However, because Harlem’s standard of rent is 25% less than that of the metropolis as a whole, you may live a vibrant, adventurous Manhattan lifestyle without breaking the bank. Harlem residents not only experience the active nightlife, historic buildings, and musical performances, but they also have a lower median rent than nearby districts such as Brooklyn or the Bronx. As professionals at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC advise, see how much your relocation will cost. Among the services pros offer to you, there’s a free quote. It will be more than helpful when moving to Harlem.

Buildings in Harlem

The cost of living in Harlem is less than in any neighborhood in the area.

Transport in Harlem is not a problem

Harlem, like the rest of the City Which Never Sleeps, has a variety of public transit choices for getting around the area and even beyond. The Harlem Bus has specific stops early in the morning and late in the night, so you can get to work, and home, and have fun. The 125th Street Station and the 148th Street Station are the only train stations in Harlem, but there are numerous stops around the neighborhood.

To get around the neighborhood, take the Metro-North Railroad Harlem Line. Take a nice long ride through Harlem on one of the many rental bikes available. Don’t forget that experts are at your disposal when moving. They will help you move all of your belongings to the new home. Without any hassle.

When moving to Harlem don’t be scared

Harlem may feel like a whole other mini-borough, with a variety of distinct neighborhoods to select from. Hamilton Heights offers spectacular Hudson River sights as well as quick access to the New York City Subway system. Sugar Hill, was originally home to famous Harlem Renaissance leaders like Thurgood Marshall and Adam Clayton Powell.

It’s a historic neighborhood with Victorian and Royal style residences. Consider renting a walk-up in East Harlem, which is rich in culture and offers a variety of activities. Imagine a home on Astor Row, which features front patios, front and side gardens, and is set back from the street.

Young family having fun and smiling

You and your family will fit right into Harlem. So, there is no need to worry.

Your family will have fun in Harlem

Living in New York City does not have to mean sacrificing access to nature. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan by visiting one of Harlem’s several parks. Marcus Garvey Park has more than 20 acres of green areas, including two parks, an outdoor swimming pool, and an arena for public gatherings.

At St. Nicholas Park, take your dog for a stroll, have a picnic with friends, or practice some basketball on a multicolored court. In the winter, go skating, swim in the summer, or simply enjoy the beauty of the Hudson River at any season of the year after moving to Harlem. If you need extra space look for a warehouse in Manhattan that will keep your ice skating gear safe.


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