Looking for a rural property to invest in is much different than investing in any other type of real estate. There are certain criteria linked to such properties that are hard to spot. Yet, even more, difficult to fix. That is why you always must be on your toes when going through such a venture. Even when hiring a professional real estate agent to help you during this process, you will still have a lot of work and even more thinking on your hands. So, once you find your ideal property, you must make sure you are hitting all the right questions. That is why we are sharing with you the most important questions you should ask your real estate agent before buying a rural house in Mississippi.

Don’t skip hiring professionals when buying a rural house

It is always recommended to hire seasoned professionals that will have your back and look out for your best interest during any real estate purchases. So, before we dive deeper into the questions you must put out on the table, let’s see whose help you will need the most.

Professional movers loading a moving truck.

Once you are done buying a rural house, hire the best possible professional movers and let them relocate your home in no time.

Local and experienced real estate agent from Mississippi

An excellent local real estate agent is always needed, no matter if you are looking to purchase a holiday home, your next family nest, or anything else. This person will do so much more than just find you the property you were looking for. They will also negotiate on your behalf and make sure that your personal interests are protected as much as possible.

Reliable and trustworthy professional movers

You might think that your troubles are done and over with once you have finalized the purchase of your rural property. Unfortunately for you, this cannot be further from the truth. Moving to a rural place usually entails long-distance relocation. In other words, you are in for a long and bumpy moving day. That is why you must search for the best help possible. Nevertheless, you are in luck because in Mississippi there are many outstanding professional moving companies. You can track them down through a personal reference or previous customer reviews online.

Ask away when buying a rural house in Mississipi and anywhere else

Usually having experience in real estate investing is a great thing during the buying process. However, in this instance, it turns out to be counterproductive. Buying a property in the city is an entirely different story. Consequently, it can give you a false sense of confidence. You might think you know exactly what you are doing when in fact you are going down the wrong path. So, slow down and take a few steps back. Regular home buying guides will not do the trick.

Is the water on the property safe for consumption?

This is a very neglected question among rural property buyers. To some, it seems unnecessary and odd. Yet, to those that know what they are doing it is unavoidable. Homes located on rural properties gather their water supply from private wells. Sometimes such wells can house unwanted minerals and radon. In some instances, they even found highly toxic arsenic. To avoid a problem of such magnitude have the water tested. If the test turns out to be positive on unwanted substances and particles, renegotiate the property selling value.

Water running out of a silver tap.

Questions that are directly linked to your and your family’s health and safety must take priority and cannot be forgotten.

Is the house located on a private road?

If you neglect to check this simple and small fact, you might get stuck with bills worth thousands of dollars. Many of us are unaware of the fact that private roads are maintained by residence. Hence, funds from your pocket are directly used for any and all expenses related to the road that is used to get to and from your new rural home. Thus, prioritize this question when speaking to your Mississipi real estate agent and avoid paying extra cash if possible.

What is the equality of air?

Getting away from the busy city can sound like a dream. Being in nature on a rural property will give you a mental break from all the negative aspects of living in the city. One of them being air pollution. Therefore, it might make no sense to ask about the quality of air. However, there were instances where air quality was poor or even extremely hazardous. For instance, in New England in a rural county gas called radon was found in the air. This particular gas was found to be very harmful. It can even cause cancer. So, as important as it is to stay healthy during your relocation, it is equally important to remain healthy after your move is done and over with. That is why this question and other similar ones are necessary.

Air pollution in close proximity to the place where buying a rural house is a possibility.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that in rural areas air pollution cannot be present. Always check air quality.

Can you easily access the property during winter days?

Accessibility of the property is very important. Yet, this question is especially relevant during the winter months. Going down a road that hasn’t been cleaned or plowed, can be extremely unsafe. So, make sure you check out what is the deal. Also, if the property is in a cold place where snowstorms are often present, having an adequate vehicle is a magnificent idea. A large SUV should get the job done. If nothing else, make sure your car has winter tires that can handle driving on ice or snow.


Buying a rural house can bring to the table many unexpected factors. Real and serious issues can occur if you don’t do your due diligence during the buying process. That is why you must ask our questions and of course, add some of your own. Most importantly if you find that something is wrong with the property, feel free to renegotiate the asking price. If you must invest funds to fix the issue, the initial buying price must be somewhat lower to compensate for your unexpected expenses. So, don’t be shy and ask away! Spear yourself the headache before it even happens.


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