Are you planning to move? Relocating can be nerve-racking, time and money consuming. Moreover, if you are traveling with your young children and pets, your transition can be even more stressful. Before moving, try to decide what to pack and what to leave behind. Everybody knows that it is hard to let go of the items you have owned for a very long time, but consider throwing away or donating some of your belongings. What’s more, by selling some of your unwanted items you can earn some money, so think about organizing a yard sale. Whatever you do, remember that relocation can be stress-free if you are organized and start preparing ahead of time. There are many ways to make your relocation easier, but first, start thinking about what to pack and what to leave behind.

First Things First – Get Rid of the Clutter

Do not be a hoarder! Try to live with less. Before you start packing your things, think about whether you really need all of them. Start by cleaning and try some tips for decluttering home room by room. This will make everything easier. Like everybody, you probably have a lot of junk laying around. So, make a decision – Is this junk really necessary? If it is not, you have many options. First, think about all the bulky appliances and big pieces of furniture that you can sell, and organize a yard or a garage sale.

This will bring you some money which you can later invest in your new home. Also, think about selling some of your things online. You can use some of the popular sites for that, eBay, Facebook or Instagram. Secondly, donate the things you do not want to sell, such as clothes you no longer wear or your children’s old toys. Talk with your family and friends and see whether they would like something, or visit local charitable organization. Lastly, if some of your things cannot be used anymore, simply throw them away.

A sign on a tree showing where the yard sale is located

Before moving, organize a yard sale. This will make your relocation easier

What to pack when moving

Before going to your new home, do detailed research about it. Be sure to know the correct size of it so that you can know which pieces of furniture you can bring. Check the weather and the usual temperature, and bring only the clothing items you can actually wear there. There are many moving mistakes that you can make so be prepared and do not over-pack.
Here is the list of the things you must not forget:

  • Sentimental Memories
  • Photo Albums
  • Personal and Health records
  • Prescription Medications
  • Jewelry
  • Your Children’s Toys
  • Pet Favorites

It is a good idea to make a “keep list” when packing in order not to forget anything. If you cannot decide if you should pack something or leave it behind, it is better to bring it with you. After all, if it does not fit in into your new home, you can always throw it away.

What to leave behind

Getting rid of the things before you move can be a multi-day task. The most important thing to remember is not to over-pack and not to be emotional. Almost all of the things you own are replaceable, and you can probably live without 90% of your possessions. So, be strong, and leave them behind. Here are some suggestions of things you do not really need:

  • Clothes you no longer wear
  • Kitchen appliances you almost never use
  • A book that you don’t really love
  • Old furniture
  • Garage junk
  • Bathroom Items
  • Old Beddings
  • Things on your shelves that only gather dust

Family Meeting is a Must!

Before everything is final, have a family meeting. Talk with your partner and children about the move. Be on the same page with them when it comes to what to pack and what to leave behind. You definitely do not want to throw away your child’s most favorite toy, or your wife’s favorite shoes. Every member of the household should have their own “keep list“. Moreover, children usually have a hard time letting go of the things they like, such as toys or children’s books. Another thing you should not forget to bring is your pet’s favorites. Moving with pets can be as stressful as moving with your children, so try to make your new home as familiar to them as possible.

A dog is sitting in a box, while the family is preparing to move to a new home

Before moving, make sure that your entire family is involved!

Make an Inventory of your Stuff

While packing everything from your “Keep List”, try making an inventory of all the things you put in boxes. This will save you a lot of time when you arrive at your new home since you will not be spending hours trying to find your belongings. Also, do not forget to mark the boxes.

A man writing an inventrory list with what to pack and what to leave behind

Making an inventory list will save you so much time, so do not forget to make one!

Having difficulties deciding what to pack and what to leave behind? Hire a professional!

If you cannot organize an entire relocation by yourself, think about hiring a professional! It is both fast and efficient. A professional mover can assist you with your relocation and you will have a stress-free moving experience. What’s more, you will have your peace of mind and you will not be worrying about every possible detail of the move. One of the things that make everyone happy is – no heavy lifting. You can just sit back, and deal with other things while professionals take care of your stuff.


It goes without saying that moving to a new city or a new country is stressful, but try to be positive! Decide what to pack and what to leave behind from the start. Make your move as simple as possible by selling or donating most of the things you no longer use. Do not forget to work as a family, and to make an inventory list of your belongings. If moving by yourself is too difficult, consider hiring a moving company. A moving professional knows the best way to navigate your relocation. In the end, do not stress too much about your belongings, and just remember – all things are replaceable!



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