Moving is a process that takes time and requires a lot of planning. Except for the checklists, sorting out your budget and preparing everything in advance, you have to think about renting a storage unit too. When you start packing, you will see how many items you are not using and don’t need anymore. Therefore, the best solution is to store items like that. We will help you to find cheap storage units in Florida!

Where to find cheap storage units in Florida?

If you have decided to move and you are picking Orlando as your next destination, you might consider hiring a professional moving company. They can help you pack and relocate your items without any problem. However, when you start packing, try to separate things that you want to take with you from the things you want to store and throw away. When you start packing and purging things, you will be surprised how many items you actually don’t need.

Now, let’s go through types of storage units and where you can find cheap storage units in Florida?

  • `Indoor Units
  • Outdoor Units
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Wine Storage units
  • Car Storage
  • Container Storage

A professional moving company

When it comes to relocation, the best option for you is to hire a professional moving company. Hire one of the best movers in Florida and make your move easy and stressless.

Every professional moving company has a lot of services to offer, including storage units and facilities. A licensed professional mover will calculate the costs of your move and put it in a written document with a signature. Except for the storage units, these are the other services that professional moving company can provide for your move:

  • Good communication and well-trained workers
  • Truck and Transport Services
  • Packing, Unpacking and proper labeling
  • Safety and Insurance
  • Special services (moving bulky and heavy items such as piano or home safe)
Ask your professional mover where can you find cheap storage units in Florida.

Some professional moving companies have storage units and facilities.

If you have to find cheap storage units in Florida by yourself, the best thing to do is to do the research. The Internet is one of the best places for that. However, you can also ask your friends and family, they might have some suggestions too.

Before you start with packing, make a checklist! Having a moving plan in place is very important when it comes to relocation. The checklist will help you to finish everything properly and on time.

Indoor Units

Affordable and cheap storage units in Florida are Indoor units. These kinds of storage units are protected from the elements because they are inside of a building. The size of a unit depends on your needs. In a smaller unit, you can store your tools or some documents. However, you can rent a bigger one if you have to store some of your art or antique furniture.

Hallway with storage units inside of a indoor storage facility.

Most of the indoor storage units are climate-controlled and safe.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor units are also known as drive-up ones. These types of units are good if you need to access your stored things often. But before you take your items to the storage unit, be sure that you know what to pack and what not to pack. Things that you won’t need anymore, you should throw away, such as old newspapers and magazines.

Climate-controlled storage Units

You will need climate-controlled storage if the items you want to store are very delicate. Paintings, art, antique, computers or some wooden furniture you should store in a climate-controlled storage unit. This type of storage unit will protect your belongings from extremely low or high temperature, direct sunlight, humidity, mold etc.

Wine Storage Units

If you are downsizing and your new home doesn’t have a basement or it is too small, wine storage units are the best option. Open yellow pages and try to find the best cheap storage units in Florida to store your wine collection. Also, in order to avoid storage scams, ask them for a license or ask some of your friends for suggestions about the storage units.

Your wine collection will be safe and protected from the elements if you choose one of the wine storage units.

Car Storage

No matter if you are going on a vacation or you want to store your vintage vehicle, you will need a car storage facility. A lot of self-storage facilities will offer you uncovered and covered parking spaces storage for your car.

Also, these kinds of self-storage facilities will offer space big and long enough to store some of your belongings too besides your car. You will be stress-free knowing that your vintage car is secure and well protected.

Front side of an old car.

Car storage can be over 160 square feet large.

Container Storage

These kinds of units are metal shipping containers. They are really big storage units and the largest one is around 160 square feet of storage space. These kinds of units are also called mobile storage units because they can be delivered to your home or business space.

The advantage of this type of storage is that it’s considerably cheaper compared to the warehouse one. The disadvantage is that this type of storage is exposed to weather elements. You should protect your belongings before placing them into container storage. High temperatures during the summer and cold during the winter can ruin your belongings placed onto container storage.

Before you decide to use this kind of storage, you should make an inventory list. Separate your valuable items, art, antiques and important papers, because these kind of items are not suitable for container storage.

If you search thoroughly, you will definitely find cheap storage units in Florida. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for suggestions too. Best luck in finding a suitable storage space!


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