Let’s be honest, relocation isn’t quite cheap. In fact, it can come at a very high cost. Especially if you are moving a lot of stuff to a far location. Still, that isn’t written in stone and that doesn’t have to be your case. There are a lot of moving discounts, you just need to know where to look. These tips and tricks will help you find discounts when moving that can help you save some money.

Find discounts when moving by moving off-season

Like in many businesses, the moving industry has its busiest season. During the spring in summer is the peak of the moving season, since most people choose to move on the warmer weather. Which is understandable, since the relocation is much easier on the nice days.
Still, it is also the most costly time of the year for your move. The moving company doesn’t have to make discounts because they are having a lot of work. However, with the beginning of autumn and colder weather, the story changes. After the end of the moving season, a number of relocation drastically fall. Since there isn’t enough work and the competition is fierce, moving companies are lowering their prices. At that time, you can find excellent discounts when moving.

Of course, moving in the autumn and winter have a lot of challenges, but it’s not that impossible. Especially when you have the opportunity to find quality and reliable movers that will make this process much easier, and create a possibility of the stress-free relocation.

You can find some excellent discounts when moving off season.

Your total moving cost can be even 20% to 50% lower. Which is a significant saving, you have to admit.

Ask if the company provides some discounts when moving

Since moving business is very competitive, you may find some great discounts even when you are moving in the peak of the season, which will make your relocation much more easier.
You just simply have to call and ask the moving company that you are considering the financial advantages that they offer. The moving company will rarely disclosure that you’re eligible for some discount, so you’ll have to ask yourself. Even if they don’t have discounts, it never hurt to ask.
Most moving companies are offering discounts for these types of move:

  • Military move
  • Senior relocation
  • College moves
  • Veteran relocation

Use AAA discounts when moving

All members of the AAA, you can get some great deals on moving services. Most of the reliable and reputable moving companies, like DA Moving NYC, put customer service as their main goal. That means that they offer some great financial solutions and discounts.
It’s a good idea to the first search for the movers that offer deals and discounts for the members of the AAA association if you are its member.  You will probably find a dozen of companies that provide this. Choose 3 to 5 companies that pique your interest. Ask them for the in-house estimation, compare them and select the one that best suits your needs. Of course, point out the representative that you have membership in the AAA and eligible for the discount. This way, you can reduce your moving costs significantly.

Search for coupons

Couponing is an amazing way to save some money on clothes, house supplies, and groceries. Still, the power of coupons doesn’t end there. There are coupons for all kind of services, including the moving services. With coupons, you can get excellent discounts when moving. The trick is that these kind of coupons are not easy to find – you need to look for them specifically.

You can find them online on the websites that are offering moving tips, or in magazines dedicated to this industry.
Real estate websites and magazines are also the places where you can stumble on the coupons for moving services or moving supplies. All you need to do is to print or clip a coupon and bring it to the store that is offering moving supplies with reduced prices or to the moving company that offers a discount. You’ll maybe lose some time finding these types of coupons, but you will gain a lot of saved money.

Find discounts when moving by searching for coupons.

Coupons are a great way to find discounts on moving services or supplies.

Discounts on additional moving services

There are thousands of moving companies on the market, competing for customers. In order to attract clients many of them are offering discounts even during the moving season. Still, discounts in that period are usually limited to the additional services that movers provide.
While it’s unlikely that the reliable movers will offer you lower quotas in the peak of the moving season, you can still get great deals for packing or storage services.  Even if you didn’t think to purchase some additional services, great discounts can make you change your mind. And it will make your relocation so much easier, even if your move is to a far away city. In fact, especially if you’re moving a long distance since there will be a lot of things to think about.

When you know where to look, you can find great discounts when moving.

If you get basic moving services to combine with packing services, more than half of your relocation problems will be solved.

Avoid moving scams

When people are looking for discounts while moving, they can easily fall into the trap of fraudulent movers. Relocation on the tight budget is the field where fraudulent moving companies prey for their victims and luring them with much lower quotas and offer that is too good to be true. Recognizing the shady movers is the first step in avoiding moving and storage scams.

If the estimation of one moving company is suspiciously low, that’s because it is. While there are many affordable moving companies, any offer that is much lower than the competition’s, it the big red flag.

So don’t let the numbers fool you. If the total moving costs are ridiculously cheap, you are dealing with the fraudulent company. At the end of the move, that can certainly cost you much more money, time and stress.


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