If you are thinking about moving to New Jersey or you already live in NJ but you are on the search for a perfect place for starting a family and raising children, there are plenty of options to choose from. This is an amazing state with lots of amazing places to consider moving to but Morristown sure is ideal for raising a family. If this is your first time hearing about it, we are here to tell you all you need to know. Moving here to start a family is a great idea and these are just some of the reasons why.

Great housing

As you are looking for a place ideal for raising a family, one of the criteria a place needs to have is definitely available good housing options. And Morristown has that to offer. There are plenty of homes for both rent and sale in Morristown.

But homes here definitely come with a high price for a reason. The average home price in Morristown is around $711,500. This is a lot of money for a home certainly but not for no reason. These homes are newly built, they are modern and very spacious. This is exactly the type of home one needs in order to raise a family. To make moving in easier, you can count on experts in this area for professional assistance.

Big house.
Living in a big spacious house is important when raising a family.

It is a safe town

Not only is a good house necessary to start a family but so is that it is located in a safe neighborhood. And Morristown is one of the safest places in the county. There is little to no crime here because mostly young people with children live here and the elderly in retirement. This is certainly one of the nicest places in NJ for senior citizens.

The fact that this is such a safe place surely is a reason enough to move to Morristown with gibraltarvanlines.com. If you already have children, hiring professionals as assistance is the best way to make moving easier no matter how big your move is.

Family-friendly entertainment options

Morristown is ideal for raising a family because you have plenty of things that you can do here with your children. There are plenty of parks where you can have a picnic or just take your child to one of a couple of playgrounds such as the Abbett Avenue Playground. Even just strolling around will be enjoyable as parks in Morristown are very well-maintained.

Park in NJ.
There are plenty of beautiful parks in NJ to go with your family.

Morristown National Historical Park will be one of your favorite places to go to for sure. There is a lake in the town as well where you can feed the ducks as well as two lakes in Burham Park. No wonder why Morristown is considered to be one of the greenest places in NJ.

If looking for some more educational entertainment options, Mayo Performing Arts Center is the place to go. You can watch plays for both children and adults here. Sometimes even concerts are held here. That is when all locals gather together.


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