Last year was tough for everyone, in a lot of ways. Fear, quarantine, lockdowns. A lot of stressful things happened. It seemed like life had stopped. But now things are getting a little better. It’s taking baby steps, yes, but it’s still getting better. This year you want to make a change. Make something happen. Do something for yourself. Change the environment. Maybe even move. Why not? Moving doesn’t have to be yet another stress. Quite the opposite. It can divert your thoughts from all the things we’ve been through. And we have just the location for you. Lake Charles, Louisiana. A perfect combination of lively nightlife and outdoor entertainment. And in this article, we’ll tell you why is moving to Lake Charles this year a great decision.

Lake Charles

Though mostly known for gambling and, as the name says, lake Charles, this city has a lot more to offer. It is the fifth-largest city in Louisiana and a major industrial, educational (home to McNeese State University and Sowela Technical Community College), and cultural center in the south region of the state. The city is also known as the Festival capital of Louisiana due to more than one hundred festivals and carnivals held every year. It is the perfect combo of the big city vibe and wild nature. A little bit of a Cajun personality with Texas flair. Is it enough to tickle your imagination and get you to find professional movers and come here ASAP? If not, let us proceed.

A girl holding a notebook and thinking about moving to Lake Charles
Is moving a good idea?

What to see and what to do

If you’re wondering what to do in this laid-back city, we’ll make you a list of indoor and outdoor activities that will convince you that moving to Lake Charles is a brilliant idea. So keep tuned, cause here it comes!

Creole nature trail

Probably the best-known attraction. And hard to describe to someone that hasn’t been there. It’s the thing that you have to see yourself. An over 180-mile road where you can see a lot of things, right from your car window. Alligators, over 400 bird species, and 26 miles of Gulf of Mexico beaches filled with shells are just some of them. There are also wildlife refugees, walking trails with guided tours, just fun for the whole family. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Culture and art

The city’s culture scene is very vivid. With a very large number of museums, galleries, and events. It’s a thriving art community ideal for everyone who likes culture, history, and music. Numerous exhibits, festivals, and music events are what make it perfect for art lovers. A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Indoor activities

Sometimes the weather can be tricky. You planned on going to the beach, but it started raining? That doesn’t mean that you have to stay home and stare at the TV, or sleep. There are a lot of indoor activities to choose from. We’ve already mentioned museums and galleries, but there’s more. The city offers activities for the whole squad or family, such as laser tag, escape rooms, and different entertainment parks.


If you’re more into a more adrenalin rush kind of indoor activities, this is the perfect option. Well-known casinos offer not just gambling, but also musical performances and concerts of some of the biggest names in the music industry nowadays. So hurry up, and take your seat. We bet you don’t want to miss that.

Table with chips in a casino
Place your bets!

Eat and drink

Louisiana is famous for its Cajun French and Creole cuisine. Spicy crawfish, jambalaya, boudin, and gumbo are just some of the delicious food it has to offer. Fantastic restaurants, indoor and under the open sky, offer perfectly seasoned dining accompanied by live Cajun music. And drinks don’t lag, no sir. Numerous local breweries and distillery produce their coffee, beer, rum, and even vodka. Our personal favorite is Bayou Rum, a craft distilled from locally grown sugarcane. If that doesn’t convince you that moving to Lake Charles is a good idea, we don’t know what will. Only one piece of advice – don’t visit them all in one day.

Outdoor activities

There are so many different ways to experience the city’s outdoor. You can ride airboats, bikes, you can go kayaking, ride on pontoons, whatever you like. Also, if you’re into fishing and hunting, this is the place for you. Salt water or fresh water, you can fish year-round for bass, crappie, redfish, or panfish. And when it comes to hunting, you can do it throughout the fall and winter – geese, mallards, pintails, and teals, just pick.

Moving to Lake Charles

Convinced yet? Consult with Zippy Shell Louisiana to find out everything about stress-free moving and to get your date, while we write down some of the Lake Charles’ neighborhoods you should consider relocating to.

  • Grand Lake
  • Gillis
  • Prien
  • Big Lake/Tank Farm
  • Moss Bluff

Those are some of the safest neighborhoods. You just need to pick one and decide on whether to rent or to buy in the area.

Started packing yet?

Hurry up! Those things won’t pack by themselves. And don’t worry if you overpack a little. It can happen to everyone. We have a solution for that. You can always leave excess items in a safe place for as long as you need them. Climate-controlled, portable warehouse storage containers, as well as long-term are just some of the solutions offered to meet all of your needs.

A camera, sunglasses, sandals and a suitcase on the floor
Don’t worry if you overpack!

 Live the southern magic

These are just some of the things that we could fit into this article. There is a lot more to see in this charming city. But it’s definitely enough to get you going. So, sit down, make a strategy and go towards Louisiana’s famous playground. Moving to Lake Charles may be your next big adventure. But don’t think too long. Those crawfish and jambalaya ain’t gonna eat by themselves. And you sure don’t want it to get cold.


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