You have never owned a self-storage unit before, but know you think it is a time for that. But, what is its purpose and how to pick the right one? Should you rent a storage unit and why? A storage unit is a space where you can store all the items you do not need right know or items with the emotional value you cannot keep in your house. You can put inside whatever you want. This is not a case for the illegal and hazardous items, of course. 

Storage units.

You can put inside the storage unit all the furniture, clothing, art pieces, music instruments, sports equipment, etc.

The reasons why should you rent a storage unit for you

What are the advantages and purpose of the storage unit and why people are renting them? Here, we will show you several reasons why many people today (in the last 10-15 years) are using a self-storage unit.

Increasing your living space

It is one of the main reasons why should you rent a storage unit. If your kid(s) are going to college and they are moving out, or you just want to open up and to declutter your living space. A storage unit will help you to store all the items and furniture you do not need anymore. But, on the other hand, you do not want to throw it away or to sell it. Also, you can free up your garage and store sports equipment, tools, etc.

Storaging off-season items

A storage unit is a perfect place for off-season clothing, shoes, Christmas tree and decoration…It is the same case for garden items (garden umbrellas, patio furniture, etc). You do not need them for the whole year. Your house will be much prettier when is empty. If you cannot watch these items for the entire year, rent a storage unit and get rid of it.

Christmas decorations.

Sometimes people have a lot of decorations for Christmas. Ornaments, trees, lights…

Moving to another city or country

Moving is a complicated life event. Especially, if it is a long distance move or you are moving a lot of items. What to do if you are moving to another state and you do not have a home yet? How to choose a perfect home and where will you store all those items? The solution is to rent a permanent storage unit for all those pieces of furniture, clothes, decorations, etc.  Keep them in the storage until you find a new home. Also, your new home will be probably different size. So, all your furniture will not fit in. Do not throw it away. The storage units are a safe place for all your belongings, especially if you often in transit.

What about collections?

The USA has a lot of collectors. Most collectors have a storage unit(s) for their big and valuable collections. So, if it is a case for you too, then you should rent a storage unit for your little treasure. Sometimes it is a simple collection of photos, magazines, kids’ artwork. But sometimes, the collections can be much serious. No matter what do you collect, it can take you a room in the home. Sometimes it is more than one room. That is exactly a reason for renting a storage unit.

Collection of vintage dolls.

You can put all your collections inside your rented storage unit and to free up the room in your home.

Office storage

Business organizations and companies have sometimes the need to store their items. Such us important documents, inventory, archives, goods they sell, etc. Make an inventory list, and you will always know what do you have inside of a storage unit and where is it exactly. If you will store food or any sensitive materials, consider a storage unit with a climate control. Access to your storage unit is always available to you. And what is most important, it is a safe place for all your items.

Things to know before renting a storage unit

Before you rent a warehouse, you should know some things. No matter if you are moving, or you just need to open u your living space, do your research about it.

  • Storage facilities are not the same. Even if you are looking at storage units in the same company. There are differences between size, temperature, cleanliness, service, security system, etc. Choose the right storage company for you, according to your needs and requirements.
  • Do not rent a storage unit that is too big for your items. First, calculate how many items for storage do you have. That’s how you will save money.
  • Location is important if you want to visit the storage unit often. Think about why should you rent a storage unit and what will you store. You will save money if the storage unit is outside of the city, but if you will store items you need often, then the storage units need to be near you.
  • Read the contract before you sign anything. What is included in the price you pay each month and for how long costs will remain the same?
  • Usually, storage facilities are not responsible for the contents inside your storage unit. So, ask the company about their insurance policy and if they do not have it, ensure your items.
  • Check a security system. Alarms, cameras, fire protection…
Question mark.

Before you rent any storage unit, you must know something about them.

Renting a storage facility can be really helpful, and many people rent it. Should you rent a storage unit, it depends on your needs. Now, when you know how you can use them, and what should you know before renting one, you can choose a perfect storage unit for you. We hope that we helped you to understand that is the purpose of storage units and how they can help you.


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