Let’s say you are moving from one household to another. Or you just need to temporarily remove a bunch of stuff like furniture until you renovate your house. In either case, you will need to place your items somewhere. Depending on the time, the amount, and the diversity of your items you might need storage. And so it happens you are in a possession of an old valuable piano and living in a Chicago. Yes, you are right, something doesn’t add up correctly. You can’t store your instrument in any storage because the temperature will damage it. That is the deal with Chicago’s harsh climate and that is why you need climate-controlled storage in Chicago. They are specifically designed to protect your items from temperature, humidity, and dust.

Why you need climate-controlled storage in Chicago

For many of your belongings, there is no need to store them in climate-controlled storage. But, since we are talking about Chicago, it is important to not to forget its extreme weather fluctuation over the year. In essence, if you are planning to store items for a long time, it is definitely recommendable to rent climate-controlled storage.

Climate-controlled storage and its usage

What exactly climate-controlled storage represent? It is basically a storage unit that controls the temperature and humidity of the environment in which your items are stored. And there is a catch there: Climate controlled and temperature controlled storage are not the same thing. Like the name says, temperature controlled units are controlling only a temperature. Not humidity, not dust, just temperature. On the other hand, when you see the word “climate” it means it is designed to protect your belongings from all external conditions. So, this is particularly important because some items are very sensitive to the humidity, among other factors. Don’t forget that Chicago can have exceptionally high and low-temperature differences over the year. Have that in mind that if you are moving and you are storing something for a longer period of time.

climate-controlled storage in Chicago for wines

Wine cellars are perfect examples of climate controlled storage.

Where to find

You should do a little research about where you can find appropriate storage for your things. There is nothing wrong to ask your local professional movers like Wolley Movers Chicago about it. They deal with transport and packing so they can have a pretty good idea where you can start your search. It’s better to get a piece of advice from people that have experience than blindly wonder around. Get in touch with several companies that offer climate-controlled storage service and compare prices and conditions.

storage warehouse Chicago

You can find affordable storage in Chicago if you do your research.

Items that require climate-controlled storage

This is a short list of the most common items that might require this kind of storage:

  1. Wooden furniture and instruments
  2. Artworks
  3. Electronics
  4. Sensitive paperwork and documents
  5. Wines
  6. Metal objects
  7. Delicate fabrics

Wood furniture or instruments

Before storing any of your wooden items check if they need to be polished with oil before you store them. It can prevent wood splitting, however, some wooden items may be sensitive to oil. The ideal temperature for storing them is 55 – 85 °F with humidity level from 30 to 50%. Too cold or too hot storage can lead to microfractures as a result of contractions and expansions.


Same as with wooden items, the inappropriate temperature can lead to deformities in paintings and fine artworks. They are extra sensitive to humidity. So, to prevent any kind of mold, the best temperature is from 60 to 75 °F, and close to 50% humidity.


Electronic devices are full of wires, plastic, metal, and other small parts that can accumulate condensation from the air if the humidity level is not right. It can cause rust and produce mold which can damage your items. The best temperature for them would be 50 to 80 °F, and 30 to 60% humidity, depending on a device.

Sensitive paperwork and documents

Items like photographs, books, and documents can degrade over time if storing conditions are not right. Optimal temperature ranges from 35 to 75 °F, and 35% humidity. Also, another important thing, exposure to light can speed up degrading.


Well, Wines are a sensitive subject. There are a couple of guidelines like temperature around 55 °F, and humidity 50 to 80%, with low light. But, storing wines is among those things we call “a complete science”. It would be over pretentious to give general tips about climate conditions for different types of wines. The best thing would be to ask a professional about it.

Metal objects

Metal objects are more resistant to temperature, but are very sensitive to humidity, since they will rust. However, temperature for storing metal varies but it is somewhere between 35 to 75 °F with 35 to 55% humidity. Small tip: don’t place your metal objects on the ground.

Delicate fabrics

Clothes and other items that have fabrics don’t deal well in humid environments. The temperature should be in the range of 35 to 75 °F, and humidity 55% at max.

insides of electronic devices like HDD are sensitive to humidity

Electronic devices need additional protection if you plan to store them.

What does the climate-controlled storage offer?

In places like Chicago, summers can be really hot, and winters are really, really cold. When you are keeping your things in storage for a longer period of time, they are exposed to various conditions that threaten to damage them. Companies like Lincoln Park offers professional moving assistance, and you are covered with transport, packing, and relocation in general. But, let’s say you are moving from a larger to a smaller place with all your furniture, instruments, and electrical devices. You may not have enough space in your new home. This is where climate-controlled storage steps in. It deals with the additional protection of your belongings which are not obtainable in regular storage.

Air quality in storage in Chicago

You may or may not think about this but the air in storage should be clean. Climate-controlled storage provides constant air circulation so it stays clean. This is a great system for saving you the time of visiting your storage from time to time.

Protection from dust

These special storage are sealed off and isolated from outside factors. The purpose is to prevent piling of dust and dirt on your belongings and to keep a clean closed environment. That includes protection from insects and rodents.

Humidity control

If you are in need of temperature control in your storage, you might as well be sure it’s a complete climate control system. You don’t want your antique furniture or valuable old paintings to be damaged by the humidity of the air. Both too dry and too humid atmosphere inside the storage unit can damage your goods. Why you need climate-controlled storage in Chicago? Because in Chicago you can expect all varieties of climate conditions that can have a negative impact on your items. Simple as that.


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